Artist Q&A with Jessica

Q: What is your favorite tool? 
A: The felting and smoothing mini tool from Xiem is a go-to for me. I keep a close eye on mine, because I'm worried about losing it. I really love all of Xiem steel hand tools. 

Q: Do you have a favorite clay?
A: Since I love the bright colors that come with low fire glazes, so I've taken to using low fire clay. Long Horn White from Armadillo Clay is a favorite of mine.

Q: Do you prefer hand building or throwing?
A: I've always been more of a hand builder. However, I've spent periods over the last couple years getting more comfortable with wheel throwing. I enjoy adding hand built elements to my thrown pieces. 

Q: Is it hard for you to part with your pieces?
A: It can be sometimes, because I don't get to make as much or as often as I like. When I'm especially in love with something, I know it might be awhile before I make something like it again.