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Giffin Grip

Giffin Grip Model 10

Giffin Grip Model 10

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The Giffin Grip is an invaluable re-centering and holding tool for symmetrical(*) leather-hard or bisqued thrown pottery. Designed specifically for trimming, it functions equally well for waxing the foot and banding with oxides. After a simple one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off your wheel. Twist the top plate to open the arms and roughly center your piece. Twist in the other direction and the arms move in evenly to center and securely hold your piece. It halves the time previously spent in trimming and makes it practical to trim shapes that might otherwise have been left untrimmed. Fits wheelheads from 8 1/2" - 14" diameter.

This latest 'Model 10' Giffin Grip features new Blue Sliders that are taller to allow you to get closer to your work for greater precision. The new pad material is softer to leave virtually no marks while being more durable than ever before.

The complete package includes:

Blue Basic Sliders- for centering plates, bowls and lids
2" & 3" Arms w/Hands- for holding mugs, teacups, casseroles
4" & 5" Arms w/Hands- for holding small bottles, pitchers, jars
6" Arms w/Hands- for holding bottles, pitchers, large vases
Blue Wide Sliders- expand the useful diameter to 14" for large bowls and platters

Note: An individual Giffin Grip does not work in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Most US potters throw in a counter-clockwise direction (right handed). This is the standard version for right-handed throwing.
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