An Interview with Jillian

We asked Jillian a few questions about her art!

Q: How would you summarize your work to others?
When I begin to create, I’m focusing on the ways in which our human experience intertwines with the living world around us. I’m inspired most by nature, animals, color, the cosmos, and how they all synchronize together. One could best identify my work as magical realism. I create with my trusty mediums of watercolor, pen, acrylic, and digital media- though often my pieces are a mix. Through creativity, we can explore our inner landscape and connect deeper with the universe around us. My goal is to create something that will spark an idea, plant a seed, expand perspective, or inspire wonder. I aim to broaden children’s imaginations and inspire adults to reconnect with their inner childlike spirit. I find that to feel known through creativity is a beautiful, healing thing, and I aspire to harness these ideas within my artwork.

Q: Do you make artwork full time or do you have a different day job?
A: Art has been a central piece of my career for years- but currently I work full time as the General Manager and Designer for Garden Deva Sculpture Company! I feel luck that my full time job is so creative.

Q: What helps you break out of an artistic slump?
A: Stepping away from screens and getting into nature, going on a walk, moving my body, and reading poetry!