An Interview with Rachele Cromer

We asked Rach a few questions about her art!

Q: Why did you start making art?
A: I've always been interested in making things. I took art classes throughout high school and then double majored in graphic design and studio art in college. I really got into illustrating when COVID hit and I lost my job. For me, drawing is super therapeutic and always makes me feel happy.

Q: What is your artistic process?
A: I create everything digitally on my iPad, over the years I’ve built out my color palette and the brushes I use to create my work. I usually work off of an original sketch from my sketchbook and import that into my iPad and draw from there.

Q: What helps you break out of an artistic slump?
A:Taking a break and reminding myself that the creative process is a cycle that ebbs and flows! But for inspiration, I usually try to get outside or hangout with friends. I find the best ideas will just form organically and if you try to force it that can cause some anxiety, so I find taking a little break sometimes can really help!

Q: How do you hope to add to or change your artistic career moving forward?
I hope to be able to do my illustration work full time one day! I'd love to live on a little farm with lots of different animals and have a little house I can work out of.