About Leland Leslie

My work is influenced by the American Craft Movement, Caddoan Pottery, Japanese aesthetics and potters Shiho Kanzaki and Mel Cornshucker. I was first introduced to pottery as a course requirement for art education program at OSU under Richard Bivins. I was able to study classical architecture in Italy, medieval castles in Scotland. I've taught in London as well as at TCC and St. Gregory's University. I received a Fulbright award to study Tea Ceremony, Tea Bowls, and pottery in Japan, and then another to write curriculum for Japanese pottery studies. I became a Fulbright Scholar in 2020 after being a guest researcher at the University of Helsinki, Finland. My research focused on visual literacy as a transversal skill and phenomenon based education. I received Master's in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership from OSU. My work is in private collections in Japan and U.S.