More About Lisa's Work

I attended the University of Oklahoma, receiving a BFA in Art Education with a minor in ceramics. This began my insight into the infinite possibilities with clay, creating unique ceramics since. Constantly thinking of new creative ideas, I crave ways to assimilate new mediums into my pottery, with the emergence of new shapes, forms, and textures. Each piece is formed with loving creation, believing the element of unpredictability brings the aspect of incredible surprise. While they may turn out to be the opposite of the original intention, all are structurally beautiful, function individually, and uniquely free for all to discover their own emotions. Feeling honored when one wants to bring pieces into their home, with hopes it inspires those on their own artistic journey, filled with love and exploration. Now 71 years young, with the same energy and enthusiasm for clay, my current focus is slab-built forms. Not only do I still maintain the canvas of magic, but hopes it gives the observer the same enchantment and empowerment of voice it gives me.