Collection: Bri Bartel

All About Bri!

Bri is the Studio Manager at Ruby Clay Company. She graduated in 2015 from the University of Arkansas with degrees in International Relations, Political Science, and Latin American Studies. After college she moved straight to Brazil and never planned to leave, however, life had different plans for her and the recent pandemic sent her back to the States and she ended up here in Tulsa. She feels so thankful to call Tulsa her homebase and cherish all the friendships she made here.

I’ve been working with clay for four years now and am constantly hoping to learn more (I was definitely the child always making mudpies). I love the ceramic community here in Tulsa and am a member of Red Heat Studio which is where I met my friends, Maddie & Jessica. I am deeply inspired by colors, patterns, personalities, and nature. My personal goal is to create functional pieces that bring joy into others home and everyday routine. You can find my art on my Instagram: @terraclayco

An Interview with Bri Bartel

We asked Bri a few questions about her art!

Q: What is your favorite clay? What's a tool you can't live without? 
A: B-Mix with Speckles. I can't live without the small red rib from Mudtools. 

Q: How do you hope to add to or change your artistic career moving forward?

A: I’ve been itching to try ceramic jewelry making for a while now…

Q: Is it hard for you to part with your pieces?

Not typically! My favorite part is honestly being able to share a piece that I love with others.