Collection: Cindy Walker Davidson

About Cindy!

I graduated from East Central High School in Tulsa, Ok 1973 and from the University of Tulsa with an Urban Studies degree in 1976 and a Systems Engineering degree in 1977. I received a Masters of Science in Transportation from Princeton in 1979. I worked as a transportation engineer/planner. In 1992 I discovered the joy of taking a lump of clay and forming a bowl and then carving the soft clay and creating designs. I began my love of clay with community college classes and in 1995 I studied art and pottery at Louisiana State University.

I use white Laguna B Mix 5 clay which is a white stoneware mid fire clay. After a bowl is thrown and trimmed, I apply slip which has been colored with mason stains. I then carve the design, using loop tools and a ball point pen. After the initial bisque firing, I glaze with lead free clear glaze and fire to cone 5.

An Interview with Cindy

Q: Do you make art in any other mediums?
A: I make stained glass and jewelry made with natural stones and beads.

Q: Is it difficult for you to part with your pieces?
A: No! It thrills me to know my bowls are enjoyed by people around the world.

Q: What inspires your work?
A: I have been inspired by Mimbres and Anasazi pottery designs. I have also been inspired by flowers, butterflies, moths, and birds and geometric patterns