Collection: Katie Brown

More About Katie!

Katie is the production manager for Ruby Clay Company! They where born and raised in Bartlesville, OK. They received her BFA from Oklahoma State University in 2019 in Stillwater, OK where they focused in Ceramics, Printmaking and Photography. While in University Katie got to intern at Universal Limited Arts Editions in Bay Shore, NY. They are a member at Red Heat Ceramics here in Tulsa, OK! Follow them on Instagram @katiejoannart

I really enjoy the technical aspects of any of the mediums I work in, and ceramics is no exception. Glaze application is a big focus of my artistic practice. I love dark glazes, and I look to create a lot of contrast with those glazes. When I'm not making functional ware, I enjoy creating whimsical pieces like the fish vase you see below. 

An Interview with Katie

Q: Favorite clay?
A: Dragon fruit or a good procelain. I've also recently started using Balcones Dark which you can buy at Ruby! I really love it!

Q: Can't live without it tool?
A: Sponges of course, but I also love the Mudshark from Mudtools. I have several!

Q: How do you hope to add to or change your artistic career moving forward?
A: I hope to be able to make more sculptural work. It's something I haven't been able to make time for recently, but I plan to change that this year.