Collection: Rachele Cromer

A Bit About Rach!

Rachele Cromer’s illustrations are fun, colorful, and inspired by nature. Rach holds degrees in graphic design and studio art, with a minor in art history from Oklahoma State University. Currently working full time as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. Follow @rachelecromerr on Instagram to see her latest creations.

My work is very whimsical and I hope it sparks joy in whoever sees it. My work is inspired by the things that make me happy like being in nature taking care of my plants hanging out with my cat. I hope my work can make people smile.

An Interview with Rachele Cromer

We asked Rach a few questions about her art!

Q: Why did you start making art?
A: I've always been interested in making things. I took art classes throughout high school and then double majored in graphic design and studio art in college. I really got into illustrating when COVID hit and I lost my job. For me, drawing is super therapeutic and always makes me feel happy.

Q: What is your artistic process?
A: I create everything digitally on my iPad, over the years I’ve built out my color palette and the brushes I use to create my work. I usually work off of an original sketch from my sketchbook and import that into my iPad and draw from there.

Q: What helps you break out of an artistic slump?
A:Taking a break and reminding myself that the creative process is a cycle that ebbs and flows! But for inspiration, I usually try to get outside or hangout with friends. I find the best ideas will just form organically and if you try to force it that can cause some anxiety, so I find taking a little break sometimes can really help!

Q: How do you hope to add to or change your artistic career moving forward?
I hope to be able to do my illustration work full time one day! I'd love to live on a little farm with lots of different animals and have a little house I can work out of.