Get to Know Lisa

Lisa Mulmed Goldfarb was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lisa was introduced to artistic talent at a young age through her main inspiration, her mother, Rosetta Froug Mulmed. Her mother’s love for finding the beauty in everything, combined with her artistic talent of oil portraits, gave Lisa an introduction to the creative world of art. Lisa received a BFA in Art Education, with a minor in ceramics from the University of Oklahoma in 1974. At OU, another inspiration, ceramics teacher Roger Corsaw, established Raku into her hand-building repertoire. After college, Lisa began her career as an Art teacher. However, soon recognizing that art was integrated into all academic disciplines, she started her career as a teacher, for the next 35 years, at Undercroft Montessori School. With great satisfaction, Lisa has been crafting ceramics her entire life. However, she only recently began exhibiting and commissioning her unique designs. Lisa’s contemporary pieces she makes using the raku glazing skill, with a variety of glazes. Her signature technique creations are slab-built reliquaries. Although a ceramic piece may be created with a particular emotion in mind, Lisa loves the mystery and unpredictability of her end products. She believes they encourage the element of surprise, combined with one's interpretation of feeling and emotion. Lisa continues to love learning new techniques, enjoys challenging herself creatively and continues to carry on her mother’s love for beauty by integrating nature into her ceramics.
Showings to Date:
Steve Liggett’s Gallery
108 Contemporary Featured Artist in Gift Shop
108 Oklahoma Artist’s Show
Audubon Wildlife Show
Sherwin Miller Jewish Women in Art
One Woman Show Sherwin Miller Jewish Museum
108 Gift Shop 2023-2024