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Guava Jelly Studio

Clay Studio Candle

Clay Studio Candle

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Notes: antique leather, sandalwood, smoke
8oz | 250g / Burn time: Approx. 40 hours

+ Vegan +Non-Toxic +Premium Ingredients

An aromatic tribute to the alluring world of pottery making, this unique fragrance captures the essence of a potter's studio, evoking memories of earthy clay and leather-bound tools.

Our Clay Studio candle is infused with a blend of antique leather, smoke, and sandalwood, creating a rich and earthy aroma that fills the room with warmth and comfort. The antique leather scent conjures images of well-worn aprons and handcrafted leather tool rolls, while the smoke scent transports you to the wood-fired kiln room where the potters' magic happens. The sandalwood rounds out the fragrance, providing a grounding base note that brings all the scents together in perfect harmony.

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