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Giffin Grip

Giffin Grip Mini

Giffin Grip Mini

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Giffin Grip® Mini (GG&MN) – All the quality and reliability you expect from the original Giffin Grip® only smaller and packed with cool new features.

The Giffin Grip® Mini is much lower profile than the Giffin Grip® Model-10, so your trimmings will stay in the splash pan! It also gives you an option to lock the plates down once your pot is centered and works for both Clockwise and Counterclockwise wheels.

With four different shapes of slider attachments, you can trim pieces as small as 5/8” in diameter and all the way up to 9.5” wide. The patented “fish” shaped receivers attach right over your bat pins and allow the Giffin Grip® Mini to be moved from wheel to wheel without requiring any adjustments.

Works on all wheels with standard 10” Bat Pins (also works with the Shimpo Aspire).

*Model 10 parts are not compatible with the Giffin Grip® Mini and vice versa.

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