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Guava Jelly Studio

Grace Sherwood Candle | Guava Jelly Studio

Grace Sherwood Candle | Guava Jelly Studio

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Notes: blood orange, cinnamon, plum honey, and gingersnap

9oz | 255g / Burn time: Approx. 50 hours

+ Vegan + Non-toxic + Premium Ingredients

Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of Grace Sherwood, the indomitable "Witch of Pungo," who defied persecution with unwavering strength. Accused of witchcraft and subjected to the cruel practice of being bound and thrown into the water, Grace's resilience shone brightly.

Grace Sherwood, a woman ahead of her time, resided in the historic town of Pungo, located in present-day Virginia Beach, Virginia. In this quaint coastal community, Grace's life took an unexpected turn as she became the target of accusations, branding her as a practitioner of witchcraft. The rumors and whispers that surrounded her painted a picture of a woman with otherworldly powers, invoking both fear and fascination.

In 1698, her neighbors accused her of bewitching their pigs and crops, while also accusing her of shape-shifting and flying. Despite her attempts to clear her name through defamation suits, the accusations persisted. Finally, in 1706, Grace stood trial before the General Court of Virginia, where the water test was used to determine her guilt or innocence. Bound and thrown into the water, Grace floated, leading to her conviction and subsequent imprisonment. (The water test, also known as the "swimming test" or "ducking test," was a method used during witch trials to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused. According to the prevailing beliefs of the time, it was believed that water, considered pure, would reject witches, causing them to float. On the other hand, innocent individuals would sink).

Ignite the Grace Sherwood Candle and be transported to a time of trials and triumphs. The vibrant notes of blood orange awaken your senses, while the luscious sweetness of plum honey brings warmth and comfort. Let the gentle spice of cinnamon and the nostalgic scent of gingersnap carry you on a journey through history.

Illuminate your space with the Grace Sherwood Candle and embrace the enchanting aroma that mirrors her strength. Join us in celebrating Grace's resilience and let her story inspire you to stand up against adversity and champion justice.

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