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In the Studio with Amelia Peláez Candle

In the Studio with Amelia Peláez Candle

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Notes: mango, green coconut, lemon, and marine accords
8oz | 250g / Burn time: Approx. 40 hours

+ Vegan +Non-Toxic +Premium Ingredients

Inspired by the celebrated Cuban artist Amelia Peláez, this candle features a unique blend of scents, including mango, green coconut, lemon, and marine accords.

Amelia Peláez is known for her colorful and energetic paintings, which draw on the rich cultural heritage of her native Cuba. The Hibiscus painting that inspired this candle is a stunning example of Palaez's mastery of the form. The painting features a vibrant hibiscus flower, rendered in bold strokes of red and pink against a backdrop of lush green foliage.

As you bask in the warm glow of the Hibiscus candle, you'll be transported to the lush tropical landscapes that inspired Amelia Palaez's work. The juicy, tropical scent of mango captures the vibrant energy and rich cultural heritage of Cuba, while the fresh, green coconut fragrance evokes the verdant foliage that surrounds the hibiscus flower in Palaez's painting. The bright, zesty scent of lemon adds a burst of freshness, reminiscent of the clear blue skies that often grace Palaez's colorful canvases. Lastly, the marine accords lend a crisp, refreshing aroma that conjures up images of the sparkling blue waters that surround Cuba's sun-drenched shores.

To learn more about Amelia, go here.

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