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In the Studio with Helen Torr Candle

In the Studio with Helen Torr Candle

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Notes: sea salt, lemon, driftwood, and dune grass
8oz | 250g / Burn time: Approx. 40 hours

+ Vegan + Non-Toxic + Premium Ingredients

Our Helen Torr candle is inspired by one of Torr's paintings, Evening Sounds. Torr was a talented American painter who specialized in landscapes and seascapes that captured the beauty and power of the natural world. Her work was deeply rooted in her own experiences and emotions, and she used color and composition to express a sense of mood and atmosphere that was truly unique.

The fragrance is a blend of sea salt, lemon, driftwood, and dune grass, evoking the salty, fresh aromas of the seaside that were a constant source of inspiration for Torr. The sea salt adds a touch of brine and saltiness, while the lemon provides a bright and refreshing note. The driftwood and dune grass add an earthy, grounding touch that evokes the beauty of the natural world.

To learn more about Helen Torr go here.

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