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Katherine Grady Candle

Katherine Grady Candle

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Notes: gingerbread, smokey vanilla, dark rum, masala chai.

9oz | 255g / Burn time: Approx. 55 hours

+ Vegan + Non-toxic + Premium Ingredients

Step into the haunting tale of Katherine Grady, a woman entangled in the web of witchcraft accusations. Our Katherine Grady Candle encapsulates the essence of her journey, combining enchanting notes of gingerbread, smokey vanilla, dark rum, and masala chai.

Katherine Grady's story unfolds amidst the backdrop of the Witch Hunting Season in Colonial Virginia. During the period from 1626 to 1730, the trials and prosecutions of those accused of witchcraft cast a dark shadow over the land. Virginia, being the first colony to witness a formal accusation of witchcraft in 1626, paved the way for a series of trials that unfolded over the course of more than a century.

In 1654, Katherine Grady, while en route to Virginia from England, found herself accused of being a witch. Despite being found guilty and facing a tragic fate, her execution took place aboard an English ship before she reached the shores of Virginia. Though not formally considered a casualty of the Virginia Witch Trials, her story echoes through the annals of history.

Our Katherine Grady candle invites you to embrace the bewitching aroma that mirrors her journey. As you light the flame of the Katherine Grady Candle, pay tribute to the souls who endured the trials and tribulations of that era. Let the fragrance serve as a reminder of the injustices that plagued the past, igniting a desire to seek truth, justice, and empathy in the present.

Illuminate your space with the Katherine Grady Candle and embark on a sensory journey that commemorates the untold stories of the accused. Join us in honoring Katherine's memory and shedding light on the forgotten chapters of history.

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